Academic Programmes

Candidate shall be eligible for the Diploma he has undergone the prescribed course of study for a period of not less than 3 academic years in an institution affliated to the State Board of Technical Education and training. Vocational/Academic plus2 students will have to complete 2 academic years of study and ITI students will have to complete 3 years of study.

Subject of Study and Curriculum outline
The subjects of study shall be in accordance with the syllabus prescribed from time to time oath of theory and practical.

Requirements of Examinations and Attendance
The Examinations shall be conducted at the end of the semester by the Autonomous Examination body of the institution . A candidate will be permitted to appear for the end examination only if.
  • He/She secures 80% of attendance in the semesters concerned.

  • He/She earns progress certificate in studies from the Head of the Institution for having satisfactory completed the course of study.

  • His/Her conduct and character has been satisfactory.

End examination in all the subjects of all the semesters under the scheme of Examination will be conducted at the end of each semester in theory practical and Drawing.

Passing Requirements for the students
The total marks for each theory subject will be 100 (Examination marks + Internal Assessment marks 25). A student must secure a minimum of 40 marks out of 100 marks, provided he secures minimum 30 marks out of 75 marks in the examination alone, for a pass. In the practical subjects the student must secure a minimum of 50 marks out of 100 marks for a pass, provided he secures a minimum of 35 marks out of 75 marks in the examination alone for pass.

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